Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet and Sour

Hello dolls!
First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Mother's day! I hope that all of you were able to spend some time with you mom, and that she had a great day(:

This past week has been filled with highs and lows, but, I'm happy to say, mostly good things.
I've really been trying to challenge myself, and my dietitian has given me a "goal sheet" which has been helpful in visually my progress and ways I can improve.
My goals for the next week are:
  1. A maximum of two tablespoons of nut butter a day
  2. Fulfill my meal-plan
  3. No weighing
  4. Try new "combo" foods
  5. 1900 calories completed before my night snack
I want to explain a bit about my goals, and the progress I've had in trying to reach them.

1) Nut butters have become a safe way to get my servings of fats in, so, for the time being, my nutritionist and I  have decided to limit my nut-butter consumption to two tablespoons a day. This may seem restrictive, but if I want more peanut butter, I will let myself have it! But, honestly, I've become comfortable with supplementing my fat intake with butters and I need this change.

As for 2 and 3, they are fairly obvious, but it's good to be mindful of these goals. I've tried to keep my weighing to a minimum, although I have had slip-ups, because it really doesn't accomplish anything besides reinforce the fact that I'm maintaining, which is totally pointless!

4) This goes along with number one. A lot of my fear foods are centered around an avoidance of "combination foods." i.e. fats and starches together, etc. I've become attached to my staples, while avoiding other, perfectly healthy and delicious options: I'll show a bit of my progress in pictures further on(:

5) The purpose of eating 1900 calories before my night snack (aka after dinner) is to limit the risk of me binging or overeating. Because I don't count calories, I know that my night snack should really only consist of 3 exchanges (a milk, starch, and fat/fruit). I haven't had too much success with this goal, but I am trying to work on it. Never the less, my overeating episodes have reduced in the past week!

And now, for the best part, some yummy savory eats!
A low-carb veggie burrito from Tito's Burritos
Eaten on Cinco de Mayo, appropriately
And very fear-foody, but so good(:

Homemade paninis with mozzarella and eggplant.

Savory porridge made with 1/4 cup Kashi pilaf, 1/4 cup oats,
wheat germ, 1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella, oregano, and basil
It was something new and delicious.

My mommy's edamame salad, in the construction phase
It is SO good and awesome to pack for lunches

And because my sweet tooth could never go completely into remission, a new creation! One cup greek yogurt, mixed with two tablespoons of peanut butter, and a cup of So Yummi pudding (which is vegetarian and all natural!). It reminded me of when I used to eat my grandma's chocolate pudding and mix milk in it.

That's all for today girls, I may post soon about perfectionism, and with a couple exciting things that are going to be happening soon for me. In the meantime, have an amazing day!

Have you tried anything new lately?


jennifer said...

i love how positive you are, and determined and just the whole plans that you have demonstrate this. i know you'll obtain your goals :D aaaand the photos look yummy :P xoxox love jen :)

Ash said...

Your goals sound really achievable and I know you're determined to try to reach them! That's actually a really good idea to make goals for yourself. I don't have a nutritionist right now, but I think I could make up a few goals for myself and hopefully keep them. I've also gotten into kind of a rut with my favorite foods and I think summer will be the perfect time to switch up what I'm eating!

I love edamame and Greek yogurt, so the last two pictures look really yummy :) Tonight I tried something new and I actually loved it: a vegan quesadilla! It was made with an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla and some jalapeno almond cheese melted inside. I was surprised how much I liked it! I guess that proves that trying new things is totally worth it!

BecomingBryana said...

I'm so proud of you for coming up with these goals. I can really feel your determination to improve and progress. Sometimes in recovery, it is so easy to take this layed-back, passive approach. By actually actively seeking out ways for improvements, and coming up with goals and plans, I think you are more likely to keep the motivation up and stick to it. Being more forceful with yourself during recovery also shows ED who's boss, and lets him know that he can't mess with you.

The panini and edamame salad look super yummy! Recently I tried laughing cow light (the garlic + herb flavor). I've been loving it on a whole wheat tortilla with a few slices of deli turkey and purple onion.

kimi said...

your goals are awesome! I love it :) Greek yogurt and peanut butter, never tried that I think I will it looks so good!! I am really excited for you, everything seems so fresh and exciting and ready to go Its exciting! I am also superrr excited about the perfectionism post, I was thinking about doing one too so I feel like this is going to be a veryyy relatable post!!
<3 ya!!

Missy said...

Have fun experimenting! That is the up-shoot of all this.