Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My trip to New York City was so much fun. The scale and speed of the city never ceases to amaze and thrill me. I know for a fact that I want to live there when I grow up. I am a true city girl at heart. Everything about the ambition, the stark contrast of glitz and grunge, I love it.

My trip was very relaxed. I didn't do much besides watch Transformers One and Two in my aunt's apartment before passing out on her couch. I also went shopping in H&M to stock up on their cheap stuff and drooled over the windows on 5th Avenue. Is anyone as obsessed with Stella McCartney as I am?

I'm very happy to say that ED really didn't get to come on this trip. I was able to push aside alot of the thoughts and urges that I had, and just enjoy myself. I was literally in awe that I have reached a point where I can eat in a restaurant. At dinner we had planned to go to the 5 Napkin Burger but when we arrived we were told that there was an hour and a half wait! Instead of freaking out, I was able to calmly pick another place to eat and choose something on the menu that I actually wanted to eat. We went to Vynl and I had a grilled veggie wrap with goat cheese in it and on the side I had grilled asparagus. So yum(:

On Sunday morning, we went out to breakfast, where I had some disappointing watery oats, and were resolutely on our way out of the city.. but of course my mom and I HAD to make a quick stop at the Chelsea Market.

Here is my adventure in Chelsea Market through pictures, if you are ever in the city you MUST stop here:


Fat Witch Bakery

Amy's Bread

We bought three loaves of bread and they were the best that I've ever tasted.

I had this scone and it was so good!

Fish market- everything was so fresh. It almost made me regret giving up fish. The sushi looked delicious.

One Lucky Duck

They make raw, vegan, organic, DELICIOUS products.
Unfortunatley it's very very expensive.

The Nut Box

Jacque Torres

the cookie that I got. See the stratification of chocolate?
It's a hard-core chocolate chip cookie.


Nutella kitchen

My parents went to The Modern for dinner and apparently it was amazing.
They brought me a nougat and raspberry jelly candy.


Ash said...

Your trip sounds like it was so much fun! The furthest east I've ever been is Orlando so I will definitely have to go to NYC at some point. I'm a city girl, too, but I grew up in the West so I think I want to live in a city like San Francisco or Phoenix.

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy yourself without ED getting in the way! And that you got to eat out and didn't stress about it. That's so great!

I am really considering going vegetarian but I don't think I could give up seafood because I love it so much. All that food looks so yummy!

Haley said...

Oh yum!
Your trip looks like so much fun :)
That cookie looks delicious. I'm proud of you for eating it plus that scone!
Sushi= one of my fave foods. Therefore I could never give up fish :) Plus I just like seafood, ha.
Did you see different spreads on your visit? I saw the jars, and I wasn't sure! Ahh I'm addicted to spreads.

Anyway, I just checked out the Chelsea Market link and I am getting more and more jealous of your visit ;)
I loooove NYC!
Good job on leaving ED behind this weekend :)
<3 Haley

Ayla said...

I want to visit New York City! Chelsea Market looks awesome and now I want to go there. This is actually the first time I've heard of it and the food looks amazing. I'm glad you were able to have a good time regardless of ED. :)

the Waldbillig said...

Relaxed vacations are the best, after all, vacationing is for relaxing not getting wound up. Girl, you've got my mouth watering with those pictures! That market looks incredible, If I ever return to NYC I will have to stop by. What was your favorite market treat? And were those dried green beans?! I'm glad you told your ED to 'hit the road yeah, and 'don'tcha come back no more, no more, no more no more yah' *sorry, Ray Charles moment* haha. I'm so glad you had a good time on this groovy adventure!