Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"It's easy as ABC." and other copycats.

*Before I begin my post, I'd just like to address the terrible situation that is currently plaguing Japan. I can't begin to express how sorry I am to all those who have been affected. I extend my prayers and thoughts to all the country and their loved ones*

This is going to be a copycat post because my supposedly super creative Pisces side seems to be in remission tonight. But before we get to a rudimentary lesson the alphabet, the all important eats of late.

Tried a Clif bar for the first time in months! I forgot how good they are.
This was carrot cake, chopped up and thrown in Greek yogurt mixed with
vanilla, cinnamon, and coconut.

Salad with part-skim mozzarella and TJ's tomato and basil hummus.
I have fallen deeply in love with this hummus. It's way too good.

TJ's Guiltless Mac and Cheese discovered thanks to Bryana.
It was really good and I was able to enjoy it even though
it is a big fear food for me.

Kashi GoLean mixed with peanut butter oats and honey.

Simply Lite dark chocolate, it's my new obsession.

Now time for my ABC's! I know I'm a tad late, but better late than never.

A-Age: 15 in 5 days! 
B-Bed Size: Twin, I've had the same bed ever since I graduated from a crib.
C-Chore I Dislike: VACUUMING. Every time I touch a vacuum something goes horrible wrong. Most often I break something or I hurt myself.
D-Dogs: I've never had one, but I have two kitties, three turtles, and a fish(:
E-Essential Start to Day: Coffee and Kashi.
F-Favorite Color: Red.
G-Gold or Silver: Silver please
H-Height: 5'4', perfectly average height thank-you-very-much(:
I-Instruments I’ve Played: Piano and violin but both were very short lived. I am unfortunately tone-deaf and lacking in any sense of rhythm.
J-Job Title: Amateur blogger, part-time swim instructor, student. Someday journalist (crossing my fingers)
K-Kids: I sure hope not, not for a long time. Teen pregnancy is not in my future.
L-Live: Wouldn't you like to know
M-Mom’s Name: Mommy, mom, mother when I'm being obnoxious
N-Nicknames: My really name is Emma, so Em and Emmy.
O-Overnight Hospital Stays: Not since the day I was born(:
P-Pet Peeves: Ugh, too many. But the sound of Velcro is probably top of the list.
Q-Quote from a Movie: Again, SO many. But "You're killing me Smalls" is the one I quote most often/
R-Righty or Lefty: Righty
S-Siblings: Two little brothers, they are annoying but adorable.
T-Time I Wake Up: I am blessed/cursed with waking up promptly at 6 every morning.
U-Underwear: Any kind that looks cute, I love Target because it's cheaps and adorable.
V-Vegetable I Dislike: I don't think I really have one, I'm a pretty big fan of all things veggie(:
 W-What Makes Me Run Late: My transportation *cough* parents *cough*
X-X-rays: Never! Unless you count the dentist.
Y-Yummy Food I Make: I make a pretty awesome bowl of oats, and I'm not too bad at baking if I do say so myself.
Z-Zoo Animal Favorites: Koalas and pandas.

Anyother copy-cat part of this post was borrowed from one of my favorite bloggers and a lovely girl, Ash. She recently posted a Q&A which I thought was really cool, so I thought I might try it out here.

Please leave me any questions, about anything, and I will answer them in my next post.

Thanks! xoxoxoxo Emma.


BecomingBryana said...

Thanks for that shout-out girl. Can I just say, I am so darn proud of you for eating that mac&cheese. I remember that comment you left me saying what a fear food it was. Seriously, this written comment can't properly express how happy I am to read that you ate it. If ED is screaming at you about it, tell him I said to STFU. You are so strong, and I am so proud.

Oh, and I love clif bars too! I eat them all the time because they're great for a calorie boost, so it's a good thing they're delicious too!

Ash said...

Yay, that's so exciting that your birthday is in 5 days :) I love Clif bars too but I rarely eat a whole one because they're so dense.

That's so cool that you want to be a journalist! I do, too, and I hope to either be a reporter or anchor for TV news.

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog--feel free to copy me whenever you want ;) I have two questions for you: If you do become a journalist, what would you hope to do in your career (like go overseas, be a magazine editor, etc.)? Who has been your biggest support throughout your eating disorder and recovery?

Haley said...

I have the same hummus! Just bought it last weekend. Yum :) And what are peanut butter oats? Sound delish!

When you wrote about the sound of velcro, I literally cringed.. eew!
Also, I love Target and their underwear. haha ;)

I'm glad you're doing so well at overcoming fear foods! :)

goldenbough said...

I just wanted to say that I can't believe you aren't even 15 yet. As a fellow-recoverer, I read your blog with interest and it's so amazingly well-written! Hope you have a lovely birthday.

Ayla said...

First off.. you're only 14?? I thought you were more around my age (19)! You seem very mature. :)

I'm 5'4 too and it is an AWESOME height. Actually, it's the best height. In my opinion. ;)

I hope you have an amazing birthday!!