Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I lied...well more like a half truth.

Hello beautifuls(:

I haven't been sincerely documenting my mood and eats lately, simply because it is the same old. I want to take the blog out of its comfort zone, but I'm not quite sure where to go with it, any suggestions?
A few ideas I've been playing around with were featuring my family members or friends, like Julie has done in posts like this.
Or maybe show monthly goals like Aubrey and Gabriela have.

Me trying out wearing a skirt
and tights again. I loved it so
much more than jeans and a
I may begin introducing a fashion component to Em's Alot as well. I have rediscovered my love for style and am looking forward to finding new ways to showcase it.
In any case, look out for a blog makeover in the near (hopefully) future!

The other day I took out Alice Medrich's book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cookies from the library. For a cookie monster like me, it goes unsaid that I felt obliged to try one of the recipes. I made cookie dough for her oatmeal cookies, but substituted raisins for chocolate chips, and followed her suggestion of using coconut.

I haven't baked them yet, but I am hopeful that I will be able to try them without ED getting in the way. Because they sound like they'll turn out delicious!

I've also been on an overnight oats rampage. I've packed them for lunch two days in a row and they have yet to disappoint. Hopefully, however, I will find some other new food trend to latch onto. I (gasp) am slowly tiring of my yogurt and cereal and am ready to try something new.
Vanilla overnight oats with a pear and pistachios

Overnight oats with three nut butter, Orchard mix granola, and an apple

Cherrios with milk, peanut butter, and a banana
In an effort to balence out my exchanges more evenly throughout the day, and to provide some extra fuel for the S-Tests (practice HESPA exams) I've been taking this week, I tried adding nut butter to my regular cereal with milk for the first time. It was pretty good and actually did keep me more satisfied in the morning until lunch. Next time though, I will  use a heartier cereal than Cherrios so that it will be easier to mix with the spread.

I am planning my fifteenth birthday party, yes, I know I said I'm fifteen, but I skipped ahead a couple monthes, I am a fourteen year-old baby. But all white lies aside, I will legitimately be fifteen on March 20th! I am so excited and cannot wait to share with all of you my plans for the party and all the fun that is sure to be involved.
Now some of you may be wondering if I make a habit of streching the truth about my age. Wellll.. kind of. Only when cute guys are involved, or if I'm too lazy to change my age on my Blogger profile, or for the past four years when applying for the Labor day weekend race I participate in. The story is, the age requirement is fourteen for the open-water swim I do every summer. The race is only a mile long and I knew I could complete it with ease so my mom and I have been fudging my age on the application for two years before I actually turned fourteen. The announcer always gave me a funny look, but I had fun so that's all that mattered to me. But shhhh.. don't tell anyone, it's a secret.

Well that's all for tonight dears.

Have you ever lied about you age?
What is your latest food obsession?


Ash said...

I definitely think you should add a fashion component to your blog, because I am in love with fashion and obviously you are too! I love the skirt and tights combo :)

I actually haven't lied about my age, because I look really young for my age, so when I say I'm 18, people think I'm 14 or 15! I could definitely pass for a high schooler, so I hope I never get pulled over for speeding or anything because the cops probably wouldn't believe that I'm 18.

I am really into overnight oats and yogurt messes right now! I need to try some new combinations, though, or I'll probably get bored.

Haley said...

Never lied about my age, no.
Don't worry about being young, though! You should enjoy it! :)
Latest food obsession: My dark chocolate almond butter. Yum.

And I hope you can make the cookies soon! I know you can do it :)
<3 Haley

the Waldbillig said...

You are a very talented writer for 14! In fact, I think you're a VERY TALENTED writer. Congrats on almost being 15! I just turned 18. Enjoy your lack of 'adulthood' while it lasts :). Once I lied about my age when I was 11, I said I was 12 in order to be allowed on the racing track for an amusement park racecar thing. Wasn't worth it! I was too scared to really do anybody any good on the track. Latest food obsession? Cholula. Cholula is my wife. I put it on everything, form eggs to broccoli.

BecomingBryana said...

Gosh Emma, your oats look so good!

I've never lied about my age in person. On things like internet quizzes I'll usually pick the 18+ category...does that count? :-)

My lates food obsession? Oatmeal!!! Haha, it's nothing surprising. I just love it sooo much, eat it EVERY single day, and never get bored of it. I guess one could call that obsessed!