Sunday, March 6, 2011

Food and Shopping.

What I've been loving of late:

My overnight oats in the last of the three nut butter.
Pretty much delicious.

 My huge packed afternoon snack and lunch the other day. Sweet and salty almond Odwalla bar, salad with rice mix, gala apple, the last of the Orchard mix granola, and a pomegranate Chobani.

 Mom's Best Organic hot multi grain cereal, with Sunbutter and Italian honey from NYC.
 Chocolate chip and coconut cookies that I baked. ED wouldn't let me have one, but I'll be sure to challenge him next time. They smelled heavenly.

 I've been thoroughly enjoying Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips.
My new overnight experiment, inspired by Ash's chocolate oats.
I combined a 1/3 cup oats, with 1/3 cup vanilla rice milk, 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, and a tablespoon of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa, with a banana in the morning. It was really good!

Today I went shopping with one of my closest friends, who has been so supportive through my recovery journey and is such a positive influence on me. I really love this girl.
I tried on a ton of clothes but only left with two pairs of shorts and some perfume. But I still had alot of fun perusing the stores and I hope that I'll be able to buy some cute stuff soon. I was reminded of Katy when I tried on a pair of shorts in an extra-small and couldn't zipper them. Instead of getting upset I just laughed. I have a butt not and I have to learn to love it!

Heritage 1981 and Forever 21 dressing room shots.

My mom and I finally went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on food like an apocalypse was approaching.
I love that place.
Here are a couple shots of my finds, but not everything that I got, there was just too much!

Chocolate, almond bars, different trail mixes, and bars.

And Ezekiel bread, Almond milk, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, almond butter.
Frozen goods: TJ's Meatless Meatballs, discovered thanks to Melissa, fruit, edamame, and veggie sausage patties.

I'm excited to have back my food staples, and a couple new things that I've found. This week looks pretty crazy schedule-wise, but I'll try to squeeze in a post whenever I have time.
Have a good week lovelies!

What is your favorite clothes store?
Grocery store?


BecomingBryana said...

Ooh, Em, that first white dress with the pearls is so pretty on you!
And I'm glad you were ok when the jeans didn't fit right.

I don't have a favorite clothing store, as I hate clothes shopping. Shoe shopping is a different story, but clothes are a pain in my butt. Now food shopping is something I love. I love any supermarket or food store, but my favorites are Wegmans and Whole Foods!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog! I appreciate them so much + I am so happy to have now found your bog.

Those chocolate oats look faaaabulous! Love that! I'll have to try some chocolatey oats soon, chocolate at a different time of the day than usual is a struggle for me. But those provide me the perfect opportunity to challenge that fear!

Also, YOU are gorgeous! I love the white shirt with leggings! Leggings have been my lifesaver, I can't deal with sizes and buttons and zippers and all that crap that jeans bring with them, lol. I'm so glad to see you enjoying shopping. I have recently begun to enjoy it again too and it is so much FUN. : )

Love you girl!

Ash said...

I love the outfit with the white top, leggings and boots!

I love shopping for clothes, but I absolutely hate trying anything on so I try to buy stuff that I know for sure will fit me or at least be a little loose. My favorite stores are Hollister, American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch--can't pick one favorite!

My favorite food store would have to be Whole Foods! They have such a huge variety of stuff and so much of it looks delicious. I think when I have a job, I will probably go broke because I'll be spending all my money there ;)

Ash said...

Oh, and I'm glad you tried the chocolate oats..aren't they amazing?!

Trying To Heal said...

ah, i hope you enjoy the tj's meatless meatballs! they are so versatile and good in EVERYTHING!!!

and I love that white dress!

Haley said...

You look adorable in your fashionista pics ;)
And yum about the oats and the 3 nut butter! I really wanna try it!
I tried oats with a TB of unsweetened organic cocoa powder for the first time this morning and they were good. But does the hot cocoa powder you have taste different?
P.s. I went to Whole Foods this weekend and bought the exact same greek yogurt and Ezekiel bread :)
I also bought almond milk and way too many nut butters, ha

My fave clothing store=Forever 21 cuz it's so cheap and trendy! I actually went there this weekend and experienced the same anxiety over the clothes 'not fitting right'. Oh well, gotta love my body! :) I'm learning to, anyway.
Ok, so sorry this is the longest comment ever.
Just wanted to return the love :) Your comments are so sweet & I read what you wrote on Conrad's blog. That was really thoughtful of you.

I hope you have a great week Em! :)
<3 Haley

Anonymous said...

Hey! Im super happy I found your blog =)

Favorite stores? Free people & anthropolgie