Sunday, February 6, 2011


Although I do not care for football, nor do I have any idea what teams are playing. I don't even like the commercials that much. But, being an American citizen, I feel obliged to observe this cult holiday because football is an important religion as any in my town. So how did I decide to acknowledge the Superbowl? With super-bowls of food of course!

For breakfast: a massive combo of Kashi flakes, puffs, Bear Naked granola, and a banana, topped with milk later. It was the first breakfast in a long time that actually kept me feeling full.

I wasn't that hungry for lunch, but I threw together this beautiful garbage mix of Greek yogurt, Kashi Strawberry Fields cereal, puffs, frozen strawberries, strawberry jam, soy-nut butter, and wheat germ. It was like a deconstructed PB&J!

I literally had no appetite for dinner, so eating was unpleasant but I knew I needed to get through it. I made a salad out of basically anything and everything. An Amy's veggie burger with arugula, Omega trail mix, rice, chai seeds, wheat germ, an apple, and gorgonzola cheese.

Lately I've been feeling really down, and my eating disorder thoughts have been louder then they have been in a while. I'm trying to identify why and also am putting in an effort to consciously combat those thoughts with positive self talk. The truth is, I love it when I'm in a healthy mindset, it makes me so much happier! And even though I may not be comfortable in my body right now, it is important that I recognize that I am so much healthier after I've gained weight.

My goal for this week? Everyday, no matter how shitty I feel, how fake the words taste on my tongue, I will look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful. Fake it til you make it(:
Someday, I will really believe in my own beauty. Someday, I will believe in myself. I have the hope that I can make it to a mindset where my goals become truths.

My life isn't a Superbowl game, because I do not label my experiences as wins or losses.
I do, however, look at how I've played the game.


BecomingBryana said...

Haha, super-bowls of food. That's funny.To be honest I'm scared to eat cold cereal. Not as in fear-food scared, but I just worry that it won't keep me full. Nothing that I've tried yet has kept me full like my oatmeal, and to me, cold cereal doen't seem like it would.

I love soynut butter. I first got it because it had less calories than peanut butter (which is my favorite) but now I'm kind of over trying to pick the lowest cal option and I just love soynut for the taste. What kind do you get? Mine is the I.M. Healthy brand.

Good for you for barreling through and eating dinner. I know one of the hardest things is eating when you're not hungry. I'm proud of you that you did it!

Emma said...

I'm over the calorie comparing too. It's exhausting and honestly if I'm going to eat I want to taste the best it can, regardless of a few extra calories.
The brand of soy-nut butter is Simple Food, but I finished the jar:(
Its funny that you say that you think cold-cereal won't keep you full because oatmeal usually leaves me hungry an hour later!
And thanks so much for the support, you have no idea hiw much it means(:

Ash said...

Hey :) Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm not really big on the Super Bowl either but I was "forced" to watch it this year for the commercials because I'm in an advertising class and my professor told us to watch it.
I love Kashi cereals too! I usually don't eat much oatmeal, and cereal is definitely one of my favorite foods, I don't know why! I love Bear Naked granola and Greek yogurt too.
I've never tried soynut butter, but it sounds pretty good. Almond butter is my fave, though!

Emma said...

Anytime! I really like your blog and I love any chance to comment haha(: And cereal is definately my favorite food as well. I'd have to say almond butter is one of my favorite nut butters, but I do not like the raw version. I just bought a jar I did not enjoy it :P

Casey said...

This is adorable Emmers. <3 I'm so proud of you! I need a good veggie burger, what brand do you eat? Aight love you! Chin up! <3