Thursday, February 10, 2011

My philosophy on red lipstick and thongs.

So I've decided that while I'd love to be able to post daily, with my busy schedule, its just not possible. While my perfectionism tells me that I should suck it up and write a post a day or to hell I shall be damned, I'm putting my foot down. Because if there is no joy in writing this, whats the point?
Before I get into the deep stuff, AKA my philosophy on red lipstick and thongs(; , a brief synopsis of the past days eatings.

 My breakfasts have been the same, just a banana with Kashi GoLean Crunch and milk.

For lunch yesterday I had a salad with feta, tomotatoes, and garlic hummus.

My luch today was another salad with carrots, feta, and pumpkin seeds. I also tried a new granola bar which was pretty good but not very filling. Yummy though(:
 My afternoon snacks have been different Kashi cereal and Total greek yogurt mixes. Yesterday I had frozen mixed berries in my mix with honey and today's yogurt had peanut butter in it.
They are super filling and delicious! I would definatley recommend it to anyone looking for a snack or even a mini meal if you up the nut butter and cereal in it.

Things have been going well for me, I'm really trying to focus on living in the moment and combating my bad body-image thoughts. Its hard work but I'm proud of the effort I've been putting in to it.

So what is with my provocative title? No, I am not offering a commentary on my veiw of strippers.

I am talking about confidence boosters. I think that its important that everyone has a small aresenal of things that make them feel good to pull out when you may be having a tough time, or just if you want to feel special.

Things that I do that make me feel better are reading a page of Harry Potter, visiting my favorite blog pages, or, you guessed it, wearing a cute pair of underwear with a hot shade of lipstick.

What are your secret confidence boosters?

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Ash said...

I'm so with you on the cute underwear thing to boost my confidence! My favorite ones are from Victorias Secret Pink ;) I also like to take silly pictures of myself and it always makes me feel better, idk why! Oh and listening to Lady Gaga. Whatever works, I guess!
Your salads look delicious! I'm still scared about eating real cheese so I usually eat soy cheddar or fat free feta. They're pretty good too I guess.