Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!
Usually on Tuesdays I go to IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) but, today it was cancelled on account of bad weather. So I was able to tackle my boat-load of homework, finally make cookie dough, and eat food at home opposed to at the hospital. And lemme tell ya, it is a relief after eating food at program every Tuesday and Thursday for the past three months. But more on program and recovery later.
Time to focus on...

It was a yummy combo of Three Sister's Honey Graham cereal, with a banana, drowned in milk, and, of course, a massive cup of coffee.

For lunch, a salad with red quinoa, shredded skim mozzarella cheese, some Omega trail mix, mixed greens, and a carrot. I also threw in a juicy pear and another piece of chai cake. It was very filling and definitely something I want to have again.

I left early from school to go to my therapy appointment and by the time I got home I was pretty hungry, but not sure what to munch on. I settled for some Trader Joe's instant oatmeal with flax, wheat germ, a Gala apple, and honey.

Dinner, unpictured, was an Amy's veggie burger, on a pita, with a slice of Applegate Farms monteray jack cheese, and broccoli rob, salad, and spinach.

After dinner was my treat, making cookie dough! (AKA eating spoonfuls of cookie dough until the ribbon on your apron becomes uncomfortably tight..)
I originally was going to make  the New York Times chocolate chip cookie, but I was short on ingredients and the patience to make anything more complicated then my old standby recipe. So that will have to wait. Instead, I used my favorite cookie recipe taken from the the Noble Pig for Chocolate Chip Overload cookies. While I don't go all out with 36 ounces of chips, I do manage to use at least a bag and a half. And if I do say so myself, they turn out pretty good. I've decided to try out refrigerating the dough for 36 hours, as The New York Times reported that this makes the best cookie. So we'll have to see about that.

To round off my night with something sweet, a bowl of Greek Yogurt, with a spoonful of Justin's chocolate peanut butter, a banana, and a Trader Joe's dark chocolate caramel wedge.

I'm gonna run to finish up Marley and Me. I saw the movie in the theaters and after sobbing for a straight hour because of it, I vowed never to go back to that story. So much for that, the book is good, but I can count on needing alot of tissues once I get close to the end. Wish me luck!

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